16 September 2014

Time Bandits

After a long spell of being listed as "out of print" The Criterion Collection has reissued Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits in swell new Blue Ray and DVD editions. Art Director Eric Skillman asked me to come up with a new title treatment for the occasion. One of my initial ideas, the title descending through one of the black hole / time portals, was embraced by all. So it became a matter of execution -- --something that would go well with the vibe of the original theatrical poster artwork. (you can click on the detail art for an even closer view) The disc will be out in December. It stuffs a good stocking.

08 July 2014

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

On June 24th The Criterion Collection released A Hard Day's Night in a most spectacular and comprehensive edition. There were many hands on deck for this one and I was one of the designers asked to contribute some cover concepts. Ultimately Criterion went with a solution by the estimable Rodrigo Corral but for a while these were a contender. At the time we hadn't settled on a color solution. There were dozens. Here's four. One for each Beatle. There were other designs as well. I'll see about posting those at a later date.