26 July 2013

The Wolverine

The best superhero movie of the summer opened today. I'm proud to have collaborated again with my great friend and filmmaker, James Mangold. The Wolverine is a fantastic Eastern-Western and delivers some hair-raising action along with the rich character study you'd expect from the guy who made 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line and the rest. Check it out. The title sequence comes at the end of this film after a mighty intense climax. The goal here was to go bold yet at the same time lay back a bit and give the audience a moment of rest (before the X-Men easter egg kicks in!). Pictured here is the main card from the sequence. Special thanks, too, to Bill Lebeda and David Midgen at Picture Mill!

11 July 2013

Things To Come - DVD Menus

Here's a look at some of my menu designs for the Criterion Collection edition of Things to Come. If you've seen the film you'll know know that there are some pretty crazy main titles as well as inter-titles throughout. Some of them appear to be painted on glass and then optically printed onto the action. While others appear to be cast, plaster letters shot in perspective enhanced by high-key lighting. It's a real treat. I looked to capture some of that with the headers you see here. Mine were achieved using 3D modeling software and futher noodling in Photoshop.

Some of these still have placeholder copy that were later updated after they left my desk.

01 July 2013

Safety Last! Seeing Red

Here's a alternate version of the Safety Last! packaging. It was in the running for quite a while before we pursued the version which was published. I originally went with the red type because it's commonly associated with danger and alarm and it played well with with the movie's title. There was some concern that the type on the clock face didn't go completely around --meaning the gap beneath where Harold Lloyd clutches the minute hand. So it was scrapped in favor of something which more organically filled the space. The red color hung in there for a good, long while and had found it's way into the first draft of the DVD menu designs.