27 August 2012

Lonesome Menus

Here's a selection of DVD menus for the Criterion Collection release of Lonesome. You may spot some place-holder text here and there. Sometimes a menu must leave my desk before all the copy has been finalized and locked-in. --out on August 28th!

14 August 2012

Covering Lonesome

Here are a couple of murky iPhone pics of the cover painting in-progress as well details from the completed cover image. Blogger has a way of down-resing jpeg files. So these won't convey the details of what's been uploaded, alas. It's all painted with gouache on illustration board, letters too. The radiant lines of the setting sun were done with a ruling pen and beam compass. Nervous making? You bet! Those things seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. Here's how it turned out. Lonesome comes out, for the first time ever on home video, August 28th. I can't reccomend it enough. I'll put up a few more images from the package as that date comes around.