26 July 2012

17 July 2012

Ladri di Biciclette

This isn't a poster. Nor is it DVD or BluRay art. It's a getting the mood piece. Sometimes I find it useful to make non-specific stuff as I work to set a tone for the direction. This is one of those things for Bicycle Thieves.

You've Seen The Opera, Now Use The Pencil

Did you know The Mikado is among the first properties licensed for merchandising? That's something I learned doing research for the graphic design of the Criterion release. There were soaps, sewing threads, toothpastes, tobbaco --all kinds of things. Even the type ornaments I use throughout the package were Mikado branded.

They Got Away

Sometimes when a photo doesn't exist --that you really wished existed, or possibly once existed--you can always try to create it. This was the beginnings of a short-lived project once upon a time. Alas, it didn't get much further than some initial explorations and this, still a little raw, image. Its for City Streets, starring the impossibly beautiful Gary Cooper and Silvia Sydney.