27 June 2006

You Don't See These Sights On The Regular Tours

Here's a paradox. Craig Yoe of "Arf Lovers" posted his recent find —a comic / pamphlet from 1958 that looks at Americans traveling abroad. It's got contributions by greats like Charles Schulz, Walt Kelly, Milton Caniff, Al Capp —the list goes on. As Yoe says, "It's not exactly clear who the audience is. Is it trying to educate insensitive Americans? Or is it an arrogant defense to ungrateful foreigners who should be damn happy for the American dollars being spent on their lands?" Frankly, I'm just as confused!
  • Click for slide show of the pamphlet
  • Arf Lovers

    fred davis said...

    that has to be the first adult i've ever seen in any shultz drawing. nice find fRon.

    F Ron Miller said...

    Thanks Fred. It's a little spooky that drawing —the Bizarro World Sally and Linus all grown up! Whereas 'Peanuts' would portray children that spoke as adults these adults are.. well, I'm not sure what.