30 June 2006

The Melrose Neighborhood —4

Last time around I said I'd be concentrating on the period between 1900 and 1920. It turns out I'm not that disciplined a blogger. I go where the material takes me. While browsing the online archive of the Los Angeles Public Library — a great cache of photography— I discovered a dozen or so images related to the neighborhood. Here's today's selections. The first (3) shows Melrose Avenue at Detroit Avenue, facing west. It's from 1928. I assume the building on the right is the original elementary school. At the western boundary of the neighborhood, also on Melrose, (4 & 5) is Fairfax High. These two images are each dated 1927 yet there's slight differences in the details —like the baseball diamond inside the track. I suspect they were taken a year or so apart. Something that interests me about all three of these pictures: while the neighborhood had begun to fill considerably there's many vacant lots along Melrose.

  • Los Angeles Public Library.

    peter grant said...

    Ron -

    Do you have a link to your Los Angeles Public Library resource. I'd love to browse the racks, as it were.

    - Peter

    F Ron Miller said...

    At the end of the post is a link for the LAPL. There you'll find a link to their photo archives.

    F Ron Miller said...
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