25 June 2006

The Melrose Neighborhood — 3

Unlike the rest of the neighborhood, homes around Wilcox Avenue date closer to the turn of the century. These were typically clapboard houses and California bungalows. The eastern fringe of the neighborhood has always been a funny mix. Farm houses cozy up to commercial structures and film stages. What used to be called a working neighborhood, I suppose. Almost all of those original dwellings are gone —though examples are plentiful in other, nearby Hollywood neighborhoods. They've been replaced by large —and largely unattractive— apartment complexes. This is practically the last bungalow standing on Wilcox (1). Certainly the last one in it's original state. It's flanked by apartments. I doubt it's long for this world.

Go west just a few blocks and the zoning is stricter. Residences are mostly single-family and the neighborhood is relatively intact. There's definately a spirit of preservation and renovation. Many of these houses came in the next generation of building. I'll get to those later. For now I'd like to show some of what came first —circa 1900-1920. Like this example on Orange Avenue (2). I adore that wrap-around porch. Check out the built-in bench/porch rail. The house is on the west side of the street making the front porch an excellent shady spot at the end of the day. Click on the images for a closer look.

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